A little bit about Lower Zambezi

Come to a place where animals roam the unfenced safari camps, where Africa’s most unspoilt nature stretches out in front of you, where traces of people are hard to find and where nighttime is about sitting under an incredibly black sky, dotted with countless stars. Welcome to Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park.

It is the draw-card of Lower Zambezi: the remoteness of this eastern part of Zambia. The Lower Zambezi National Park, founded in 1983, covers an area of 4,092 square kilometers along the northwestern bank of the Zambezi River. Step on board on a boat or drift silently pass the riverbank in a canoe for the best wildlife viewing, since most wildlife is concentrated around the Lower Zambezi Valley and the river. Elephant herds, sometimes up to one hundred strong, hippo, leopard, lion, buffalo, over 400 bird species – they all gather in this mesmerizing wilderness.

Going on safari in Lower Zambezi National Park

If you are planning a safari to Lower Zambezi, you probably have a ton of questions. When is the best time to travel? What should I pack? Can I see the Big Five? How do I get there? And, also very important, how do I find a place to stay that will provide an unforgettable safari experience? We will try to answer your questions as comprehensively as possible in the sections below.

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  • One of our best wildlife experiences was from our chalet with elephants wading through the lagoon and then surrounding us - very special.

    Sue W Old Mondoro Bush Camp on Tripadvisor
  • The emphasis here is to spoil he guest and we certainly felt very spoilt. Would highly recommend.

    Hilary0307 about Chongwe River Camp on Tripadvisor
  • A perfect balance of being so connected to nature and experiencing a luxury vacation.

    Vanessa R about Royal Zambezi Lodge on Tripadvisor

Lower Zambezi lodges & camps

From stunning luxurious lodges to more remote bush camps: weary safari heads need a good place to rest.

The Lower Zambezi has a wide range of accommodation-options, so start browsing our list of Lower Zambezi safari lodges. You might have some trouble choosing between all these beautiful destinations, but just remember: stunning views, excellent bush cuisine and warm hospitality are the standard in Zambia, so you will find that everywhere.

  • The private plunge pool on my deck was my favorite feature with great views of the dry river bed with lots of wildlife.

    Paula S about Anabezi Camp on Tripadvisor
  • It is a unique place where you can go on game drives as well as canoe and river safari's. A truly memorable experience!

    Richard A about Chiawa Camp on Tripadvisor
  • The best bit is that there are relatively few lodges in the park at the moment so you have it largely to yourself.

    PutneyPLondon about Kasaka River Lodge on Tripadvisor

Lower Zambezi Video

The best way of getting an idea what the Lower Zambezi National Park is about is by seeing some incredible footage from the area. View this video of Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro to experience some of the lodges and wildlfe in the national park.

Be careful, after watching this video you can be sure that you want to travel to Zambia. Today.

  • My breath disappeared as soon as I was shown into my suite - I'd been given a HUGE room, with two bedrooms, large living area, and private pool /sundeck area. What a treat!

    rastus0706 about Sausage Tree Camp on Tripadvisor
  • There was so much to see, a herd of Elephants, Hippos, Crocks, Warthogs, Buffalo, Impala, Kudu and many species of birds and although I didn’t, if you are lucky maybe a Leopard.

    Charlotte_Dorset123 about Baines' River Camp on Tripadvisor
  • It was my first time in the Lower Zambezi and it took my breath away - what a beautiful place.

    Galveston57 about Potato Bush Camp on Tripadvisor

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