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Chula Island Camp

Lodge style Raw luxury

A gem amidst Zambia's wilderness

Perched on the untouched Discovery Island, Chula Island Camp emerges as an emblem of luxury harmonized with raw nature. Located conveniently close to Jeki Airfield, this retreat with landscapes reminiscent of 'Jurassic Park' promises the allure of hidden lagoons, expansive dambos (natural clearings), and a breathtaking spectrum of wildlife from prowling leopards, lions, hyenas, majestic herds of buffalo, and the ever-present elephants. The diversity of flora and fauna creates an enchanting mosaic, setting this place apart from any other. Complementing this is the ambiance cast by the tall Natal Mahogany trees and the soft embrace of sandy beaches.

At Chula Island Camp, each tent stands as a testimony to simple luxury and meticulous design, seamlessly blending the opulence of a luxury lodge with the wild heart of the Lower Zambezi. The tents offer exceptional ensuite facilities, integrating individual bathrooms right within their confines. The rustic charm of a bucket shower juxtaposed with modern conveniences like flushing toilets promises an unmatched experience. Sleep is divine on plush beds, draped in the finest linens. Beyond just a place to rest, these tents serve as a personal sanctuary, reflecting the camp’s commitment to excellence and a profound understanding of bush authenticity. From the ambient solar-lamped glow at night to the gentle morning sun seeping through, each tent is designed to synchronize with the rhythms of nature.Enhancing the experience are details like solar-lamped bedside tables for nocturnal readers, a secure safe box to guard treasures, a complimentary laundry service ensuring guests are always fresh, and the presence of comfortable camp chairs alongside foldable shelf systems for that added touch of home.

Activities at Chula Island Camp

The allure of Chula Island Camp is not just its luxury but also the gateway it offers into a spectrum of immersive activities. Guests can traverse the land with expert guides on walking safaris, intimately connecting with the ecosystem, or they can drift through the Zambezi's winding channels on canoe safaris, witnessing its aquatic life and bird species. The thrill of trying to catch the legendary Tiger Fish beckons fishing enthusiasts, while others might find solace in a reflective boat cruise as the sun sets, turning the river into a canvas of molten gold. And for those seeking a deeper connection, engagements with local communities provide insights into Zambia's pulsating heart. Day and night drives (in open 4x4 safari vehicles) are also available.

Chula Island Camp is more than just a retreat; it's a journey into the wild heart of Zambia, blending luxury and adventure into an experience that resonates long after the trip ends.

Tripadvisor comments Chula Island Camp

If you're looking for a unfiltered, real and truly unique experience, this is the place to go. No glossy, sparkly "chi-chi" distracting, this glamping camp is like stepping back in time - in the best possible way!!


A wonderful, wild place in the middle of the nature. We spent 5 nights in Chula Camp of Tusk and Mane and had one of the greatest stays on safari ever! We loved the "simpleness" but enjoyed some kind of luxus in the middle of the bush.

Natalia S