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Kutali Camp

Lodge style Flycamp luxury

A jewel in the bush

Welcome to Kutali Camp, a serene bush-camp where the natural world feels like an extension of your own private living room. Hidden deep within Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park on the petite Kulefu Island, the camp offers an experience that feels both luxurious and authentically wild. While it is a mobile camp that's rebuilt each season, don't mistake its seasonal status for a lack of comfort. This oasis is furnished with five exquisite tents that serve no more than ten guests at a time, ensuring an atmosphere of exclusivity and attention to detail.

The main area is a stretch-canvas tent cradled under towering Winterthorn trees—ideal for dining, wildlife watching, and camera charging. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Zambezi River, Kutali's unique selling point is its tranquility, amplified by a decor that harmoniously blends rustic charm with creature comforts. Imagine sipping on a drink from the well-stocked, refrigerated bar, nestled under the shade as the sounds of nature play a symphonic backdrop to your musings.

Stepping into one of Kutali's bespoke tents is an invitation into a sanctuary of lavishness enveloped by the wilderness. Each tent is strategically located to afford panoramic views of the Zambezi River—a live-action canvas of wildlife and flora. Inside, high-quality linens and plush mattresses beckon, offering a dreamy embrace under the celestial African sky.

The en-suite open-air bathrooms are a revelation (but perhaps not suited for everyone). Crafted with bamboo and reed walls, they feature separate bucket showers with hot water available on request, fluffy towels, and a towel rack. Taking a shower becomes a sublime experience with sweeping views into the surrounding bush serving as your backdrop.

In addition to these amenities, each tent also includes a small writing desk and chair, perfect for jotting down reflections or even penning postcards. The tents have been designed to maximize natural light, making them excellent spaces for reading, pondering, or simply basking in the quietude. For those looking to disconnect digitally while still capturing the moments, charging stations discreetly incorporated into the design ensure that your devices are ready for that next perfect shot.

Activities at Kutali Camp

Whether you're an adventurous soul or a nature enthusiast, Kutali has something for everyone. Led by the exceptional Kyle Branch—a guide with a treasure trove of experience and part of the team behind Zambia's new guiding exams—the camp offers a spectrum of activities to tick off your safari bucket list.

The island is an extraordinary base for walking and canoe-based safaris, giving you an intimate encounter with the diverse ecosystems of the Zambezi Valley. The team also conducts game drives, both during the day and at night, to bring you up close with Africa's iconic Big Five. For those with a passion for angling, seize the opportunity to land a world-famous Tigerfish. The Zambezi River running through the park makes boating and canoeing available year-round. And if you're a photography enthusiast, rest assured you're in good hands, as the guiding team excels in capturing the right light, angles, and, of course, anticipating wildlife behavior.

Experience a stay at just Kutali Camp and surrender to the poetic allure of Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park. The camp combines seamlessly with its sister fly camp, Chula Island, for those looking to extend their bush escapade.

Tripadvisor comments Kutali Camp

The accommodations were very comfortable and the staff very friendly and catered to our needs. The game drives were great since the guides were so knowledgeable about all of the animals.


The rooms (tents) make you feel like you are at one with nature--listening to the birds and animals as you fall asleep is a wonderful thing!

pearlfrancis from Santa Barbara, CA