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When to visit Lower Zambezi

The best time for watching wildlife in Zambezi National Park is during the dry season, which takes place from July to October.

A seasonal safari destination

Most lodges in Lower Zambezi National Park only operate seasonally. As a general rule lodges are open from mid March until mid November. Detailed information about lodge closures can be found on the individual lodge description pages. Only Kasaka River Lodge is open year round.

Lower Zambezi seasons

The Zambezi River becomes a gathering place for animals during the dry season, as they emerge from the high-temperature, bush areas. If you are also planning a trip to the Victoria Falls: this is at its best from May to September. If you are planning to catch big Tiger Fish: fishing peaks in September and October. Here are some pros and cons for the wet and dry season.

April to October - Dry season


  • The thick bush thins out and wildlife is easier to spot.
  • Animals will gather around the river.
  • Best time to visit the Victoria Falls (if combining).
  • Expect bright days and lots of sunshine.
  • Less chances for malaria, since there are fewer mosquitos.


  • Victoria Falls are more crowded.
  • The air can be dusty and arid.

November to April - Wet Season


  • A lush and green landscape.
  • Fewer tourists and lower rates.
  • Spot some cute newborn animals.
  • Birdwatching is at its best.


  • The heat and humidity can be intense.
  • Wildlife viewing can be more challenging.
  • The flow of the Zambezi River is at its lowest and the Victoria Falls are maybe not more than a dribble.